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Silk Flowering Plants

We offer may different silk plants from spathyfillum to English Ivy - please look at our selection below.

We specialize in Southwestern Silk Cactus Design - please visit our Cactus page for further details.

Contact us for further pricing information details on these life-like artificial silk plants and for order details.


Spathyfillum Bush
$ 39.95 plus container

Geranium Bush

Cattleya Orchid

Cybidium Orchid

Mini Rose Bush w/1400 lvs
$ 29.95

48" Flocked English Ivy


Cacti start at $ 129.00
 for 3" - call for pricing

Cacti start at $ 129.00
 for 3" - call for pricing


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Contact Us for further information on these Silk Flowering Plants such as further pricing details, plant specifications and shipping charges.

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We also offer Silk Palm Trees and Silk Trees.


Portland, Oregon