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Decorating with Silk Plants and Trees

With the indoor environment that exists today, we are not always able to provide for the healthy growth of real plants or trees.

There are many areas in our homes or offices that need the effect of greenery, but lack the necessary lighting and humidity to support live plants. Silk plants, silk trees, and flowers add warmth and atmosphere to any area of your home or office.

Our silk plants and silk trees are high quality and do not look artificial. The real look of silk house plants and silk trees are the answer to your decorating needs; whether it is your home or office - anywhere that needs the warmth and color that silk plants, trees and flowers provide!

Within the comfort of your home or office you make the selection. You can create and realize your vision to fit perfectly within its environment with an array of choices from our catalogs and samples. Savvy commercial and residential customers are choosing long lasting silk over live foliage for a number of reasons.......

Vitality---controlled light, air flow and temperature are not essential to silk plants and trees. A drafty corridor and atrium whose temperature varies widely, a basement---these challenge the growing capacity of living plants. Permanent plants retain their vital appearance year round, without decline due to climatic changes or neglect.

Durability---silk's long life makes it a better choice for heavy traffic environments such as halls and foyers.

Seasonality---you can determine which season your display represents, without the limitations of growing seasons.

Flexibility---silk plants require minimum maintenance. A fantastic blooming basket thrives as well in a dark corner as in bright lighting.

Selection and Color---size, shape and color are limited only by your imagination. You can concentrate on plants as an element of design; permanent plants stay the same size, holding the scale that you create.

Easy Care---simply dust as needed with a product especially designed for silk plants. Grace Designs also offer maintenance programs.

With Grace Designs as your design partner, you can count on professional assistance and creative solutions to commercial and residential design challenges. Our skilled staff can produce anything from floral arrangements to planterscapes, all to your specifications.

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